Terms & Conditions

You, the student, agree with the terms and conditions below when you book and/or attend any classes with Yogameister. Students are responsible for consulting their GP or health provider and inform the teacher of any health/medical issues that may affect your practise.


Payments are done in cash in class or Pay Pal. Payments for yoga classes and monthly yoga class passes are nonrefundable and non transferable. We do not extend monthly class passes under any circumstances. They already include flexibility for travel/illness/other commitments. Monthly class passes are personal and can not be shared with other students.


It is only possible to book classes online via Yogameister.co.uk. You can book onto until the class commence (if spaces are available).


You can only cancel via email (patricia@yogameister.co.uk) or text/call 07986 500 526. You can cancel a booking until 30 minutes before the class commence. Later cancellations and no-shows will be charged the full class fee as a drop in fee.


Please respect your fellow students. Enter the room quietly. We recommend you arrive a few minutes early. If you arrive late please enter quietly.
Yoga rooms are shoe-less rooms. Remove your footwear before entering the space.
Do not step on other people’s mats.

Turn off your phone.

Do not eat a big meal before class. Traditionally it is advised not to eat a minimum of two-three hours before yoga asana practise. But some need an easily digestible snack up to an hour before (pregnant ladies may need more light snacks).
Most venues have some mats, blankets, blocks and belts. But for hygienic reasons you may want to bring your own.


Yogameister aim to offer the scheduled teacher for most classes. If the scheduled teacher is unavailable we make our very best to find a suitable and excellent cover. We regret and apologise if we need to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances, illness or no suitable covers. We reserve the right to change the class schedule and timetable including holidays and bank holidays.