Patricia is an experienced and qualified Dharma Yoga instructor who’s proud to share the teachings of Master Sri Dharma Mittra and Mark Kan on classical Hatha-Raja yoga practice.

Patricia teaches with focus, enthusiasm and positivity. Her classes can be both challenging and relaxing which makes you feel that you learn and progress quickly both, from a physical and meditative level.

Patricia is also a qualified Pregnancy, Post-natal, Baby yoga and Baby massage teacher.

She thrives from inspiring and making pregnant women feel confident, as well as helping new mothers recover whilst engaging, bonding and relaxing with their babies.

“Patricia is an excellent and experienced yoga instructor.

Her professional, encouraging and positive attitude to each and every yoga student makes me religiously attend her classes twice a week (time permitting) since 2013.

Regardless of your ability you will always find her teaching safe and welcoming, comfortable and compelling, challenging if you want it to be.

Patricia’s intelligent approach and friendly nature creates a happy and enthusiastic atmosphere.

My progress is clearly visible: better posture and movements.  Also, I am eager to continue and improve. Thank you, Patricia”.